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Ideally suited for field service dispatching, couriers, security, plumbers, electricians and maintenance workers.

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dispatchGate Suite

Allows job entry with customisable fields and quick selection drop down lists. It is capable of real time job dispatching to mobile devices and provides easy management of jobs with automated status changes.

What We Offer


What We Offer


Desktop or Web Dispatcher is the highly configurable command centre to manage all jobs


The background processor for maintaining communications with mobile devices and automate tasks


Web based FieldAgent allows users to see and update their jobs in the field


dispatchGate can be customised to your requirements to suit your business needs

dispatchGate Dispatcher

dispatchGate Dispatcher manages all your jobs from one screen allowing you to easily monitor the progress of each job. It runs directly off the dispatchGate Engine.

  • Easy job entry
  • Quick selection of client, job types, vehicles or staff
  • Group jobs by status
  • Customisable data fields for each job
  • Tracks date and time of status changes
  • Staff job allocation statistics

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dispatchGate Engine

dispatchGate Engine is the system that runs the dispatchGate suite of software. It connects with the database and processes all requests from the central server to the dispatching units.

  • Real time monitor of communication
  • Customisable status structures
  • Mobile devices interfaces
  • Email interface
  • Return data configuration
  • Database maintenance
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dispatchGate FieldAgent

dispatchGate FieldAgent is a web application that enables the service staff to access their assigned jobs from mobile devices. The web application connects to an on-site website installed alongside the dispatchGate Engine.

  • Real time monitor of jobs
  • Customisable status structures
  • Multiple mobile devices support
  • Fully customisable job display
  • Return data configuration
  • Enables job generation in the field

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dispatchGate Scheduler

dispatchGate Scheduler allows jobs to be scheduled ahead of time so that the user to plan their workload ahead of time.

  • Timeline and Calendar displays
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Customisable job grouping options
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly view
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